We source our beans from Madcap Coffee and offer a rotating selection of quality blends and single origin coffees. Each coffee selected goes through an intense evaluation from our team to make sure only the best reach our menu. After a coffee earns a place on our menu, we continually test and sample the coffee to make sure our brewing parameters are perfect to bring out the best the coffee has to offer.

Each of our coffees can be brewed as espresso or filter, which we feel is important to truly explore each coffee.

Current Coffee Offerings
House Espresso – Third Coast
House Filter – Six-One-Six
Single Origin Coffees – Vary weekly, please visit us to see our current selection



We source our teas from Song Tea in San Francisco. Song owner, Peter Luong, carefully sources only the best hand-picked teas the world has to offer. We work with Peter to carry a rotating section of premium green, oolong, black and botanical teas. Please stop by to see our current selection.