Crafted with Purpose: Amish Furnishings

Posted by on Aug 22, 2014 in Construction


Ryan grew up in a small town about an hour from Pittsburgh and very close to many Amish communities. Growing up he always had an awareness of their craftsmanship, modesty and dedication to quality products. For this reason, we commissioned our chairs, stools and community table from an Amish community close to his hometown out in New Wilmington, PA.

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The experience of working with these craftsmen was quite different than most other.  This was evident immediately upon visiting their workshop by driving up a long gravel road with miles of farm land as far as we could see. Instead of cars there are horses eating in a barn and buggies waiting in the driveway. The furniture show room smells of fresh wood shavings and is packed tight with beautiful dressers, armoires, tables and chairs. The young man helping us with our order was kind, fair and straightforward.

The chairs and stools that we picked are made from a light maple wood and the community table is a unique piece of hickory sourced from their land. We customized the chair height to meet the aesthetic needs of the space and picked a clear finish to let the natural wood shine. Most impressive, is knowing that these pieces were made one at time and crafted by hand.

Without a phone on site, we (and Ryan’s Mom – thank you!) needed to make quite a few trips to the workshop to discuss our order, and without a delivery service, required a U-Haul and a road trip! Any small inconvenience for us was more than worth it, as the pride of their work is demonstrated in well-made, comfortable pieces that we are excited to showcase at Slipstream.

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