Crafted with Purpose: Bar Top and Espresso Machine

Posted by on Sep 26, 2014 in Construction

When we decided to open a brick and mortar shop, we knew immediately that we wanted my brother, Montana Mirabella, to be involved in the design and construction of the space.


Over many cups of coffee at Verve in Santa Cruz, we discussed with him our vision and mission for Slipstream, the layout of the space and the new equipment we would be using. With this in mind, he set off to build a very unique bar-top and to customize our La Marzocco Strada espresso machine.

The bar-top is a great example of Montana’s ability to turn limited resources into a well-designed piece that functionally and conceptually meets the needs of a space.  He created our custom bar-top from thousands of pieces of recycled walnut, that otherwise would have been thrown away. He manipulated the walnut pieces with some skillful and crafty woodworking techniques, ultimately achieving a design that showcases our concept brilliantly.


In front of the espresso machine is our quick serve bar; made uniquely from the reclaimed redwood of old California wine barrels. The wood itself is stunning, but it was Montana’s artistic eye that transformed the raw materials into such a striking piece.

Montana was most enthusiastic about the customization of the Strada. He combined all of his skills as a designer and craftsman to create a functional and custom work of art. We are very excited to showcase the machine with its custom metal and woodwork.

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