Crafted with Purpose: Pendant Lighting

Posted by on Aug 31, 2014 in Construction

When it came to our light fixtures, we wanted bold and unique. Our architect at Streetsense helped us find the perfect pieces, and through Etsy we found Ben of Mickus Projects.


Mickus Projects is a lighting and furniture design studio founded in 2006 in Brooklyn by Ben K. Mickus, and is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The studio’s design process is focused on research, collaboration and experimental design. They regularly collaborate with specialists and local craftsmen. Sustainability and new fabrication techniques are inherent in the Mickus Projects M.O. They search for clever ways to minimize the environmental impact of their products by calling attention to a sophisticated logic and intrinsic beauty.


Ben K. Mickus is an award-winning furniture designer and practicing architect.  Ben has been designing and building furniture independently for the past 14 years. His work has been exhibited in “Fashioning Felt” at the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York, The Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, “Spot” at DesignPhiladelphia and “Beyond Media” in Florence, Italy. Among his influences, Ben counts the cities in which he has lived and worked, including San Francisco, New York, Copenhagen and Washington, DC.

The cookery pendant was born from the idea to repurpose a steel wok into a space-defining light fixture.  The outer surface has an industrial-chic silver anodized coating. The inner surface is painted with custom-colored matte enamel to softly and evenly diffuse the light. A brushed nickel socket canopy accommodates 3 bulbs, while the entire fixture is hung from a sleek, aircraft cable suspension system with minimal stainless steel fittings.

We truly enjoyed working with Ben and we are excited to showcase eight of these stunning pieces over the Slipstream bar.


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