For the Love of Cocktails

Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Cocktails

The below guest post is by Steve Oshana, our friend and bar consultant. Steve is a mixologist turned consultant with previous leadership roles at BLT Steak and Harvest Moon Hospitality Group. Steve shares our passion for service and will work closely with us to bring a unique and focused cocktail program to Slipstream.

Let me begin by saying I love cocktails.  Not just drinking them, which I quite enjoy, but rather everything about them. The sound of cracking ice in a shaker, bottles lit up like trophies, the precision of the jigger being flipped back and forth with aplomb. To me, a well made cocktail is the perfect culinary expression, a product of mother nature’s yield, expert distillers and a skilled artisan working in harmony to produce something that resembles more than a sum of its parts.

Setup-WEBWhile the resurgence of craft cocktails has served to introduce us to so many wonderful things, from small batch distillers to the many uses of bitters, it has also brought with it a few things with which we found ourselves less than smitten: secret passwords, unpublished phone numbers and endless lectures on the dangers of shaking martinis, to name a few. When Ryan told me about Slipstream I was inspired by his desire to make artisan coffee in an approachable, casual environment that favored dialogue between producer and guest. So when he asked me to create a cocktail program I wanted to make sure we captured that same ethos.

We plan to do cocktails right without all the pomp and circumstance, combining proper techniques and the best ingredients with a simple, streamlined approach to the craft cocktail experience. No lectures, just a friendly conversation: choose a spirit, tell us a few things about what you like, and we’ll make a cocktail, on the spot, just for you.

~Steve Oshana

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